When failing is the only option
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Tuesday, August 07, 2018
By Joy & Charley
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You never really hear anyone say that they love to fail.


I mean, who does love falling flat on their face for all to see?


But we've all done it. We all have FAILED at something.


For me, there's so many failures. Like the time that I created an updo for a bride and she promptly fired me. Or the time that I cried hysterically at my kids school because I couldn't handle my child getting D's and F's. Because did you know a child failing actually means the parent's are failing? Yes, you can fail at parenting. Or the one time, I dropped my phone in the toilet, not just one time but THREE times in one afternoon. #winning 


But one takes the cake. One of my most telling failures was the end of my first marriage. That is real failure. My divorce brought me to my knees and completely changed every aspect of my life. The only life I had known for over 15 years. I felt like everyone was staring at me for months. And the shame of failing in front of everyone seemed quite paralyzing.




In the end, that one major life lesson helped me to look at failing through a different lens. 


And as much as I'd like to say that I HATE the process, the truth is I actually like it. I think I might even LOVE it.


Because it is in those moments that I am forced to ACT. It is a cross road, and a change of direction. The process shapes us and then re-shapes us some more.


Failing is an opportunity to grow, people. It is acceptance of giving up the "what could have been" and acknowleding what is, was actually meant to be.


And life-altering opportunities aren't something to take forgranted. They, my friends, are a gift. It is in the failing that true growth occurs and a new self emerges. Learn to love the process of failing and see it from a different perspective because in the end failing is the only option. 




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