Truthteller: that time they were warned about me
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Monday, November 19, 2018
By Joy & Charley
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She warned them about me. She laughs into the phone as she explains that she told them not to be offended by my bluntness. My sister that is, warns others of me. Ummm thanks?!?


I didn't know if I should be offended or not. I still scratch my head just thinking about it. But this I do know. She is one of the few people that truly knows me inside and out. She knows my heart and she also knows my mouth. She has been the recipient of my mouth her entire life. I have made her laugh, ignited a fire under her butt and most definitely made her cry all with words and tone.


"It's not what you say but how you say it."


If I could have a penny for every time someone close to me has said that very sentence to me, I'd have thousands of pennies! And it's taken me years to really understand what they mean when they say that to me. It means I hear what you're saying but the manner in which you are saying it feels quite unloving.


I'm known as the truth teller in my circle. As in, don't ask Carla if you don't want to know the real answer and truth. It's funny, I honestly and I mean HONESTLY don't think I'm that blunt. I think I used to be, but have mellowed in my years. Apparently I haven't mellowed. Apparently the older you get the less you care what everyone thinks about you. 


I do KNOW that to be true. I have finally reached this point where I do not give two cents what people think of me. I only care what maybe three people think--those in my inner circle. I absolutely care what they think of my choices and decisions. Everyone else can suck it.


And here's the thing as my sister warns her friends prior to them meeting doesn't bother me. She is telling them about my heart. That my heart loves BIG, and that I want the BEST for other's. And I am NOT AFRAID to tell you that you can be doing it better. Because too many people are scared to speak the truth. And I am not.


Now don't get me wrong I don't go around purposely trying to offend, but quite the opposite in my truth telling ways. I offer wisdom--a different perspective to see life through. I offer my failures and shortcomings. I am an open book. I will honestly tell you how much I've fallen flat on my face and how God picked me back up. I offer transparency in a world that wants to hide behind Instagram filters. I offer my heart.


And that's what my sister knows and sees and warns other's about...a heart that isn't afraid to speak up out of love. And that's my challenge to you. How beautiful would this world be if we weren't afraid to offer a heart on a silver platter to other's? Hearts were meant to be shared. They were not created to be hidden or protected by our own barriers of past woundings. Our heart's were meant to bleed for others. Because it is in the offering of one's own blood that new blood can flow freely.  In the GIVING of our heart we get the most beautiful gift in  And Perfect Love casts out all fear. Be fearless, and love better. Be your own version of a truth teller.




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