That one time God gave me wine
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Sunday, December 09, 2018
By Joy & Charley
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"I hear you whisper underneath your breath." The Lauren Diagle lyrics play over and over in my head. 


I've woken in the middle of the night too many times to count recently. Worry consuming my thoughts and sleep anything but a reality.


And yet again, the Rescue lyrics play almost on repeat in my head.


"I hear you whisper underneath your breath." like God is whispering straight to my soul that He even hears what I say when I think no one is listening. He hears.


But do you God? Do you hear me? I often wonder that very thing and question the One who holds the world in His hand. I question Him quite frequently. My sister says "only you Carla. ONLY you would argue with God." But I know that not to be true. Surely, I am NOT the only one that tends to have arguments with God. I just admit that I argue with Him.


I really believe God wants to hear my complaints and praises. He wants me to pour out my heart like water, and more times than not, that pouring out consists of me telling God exactly how I feel--good and bad. I feel like I'm waiting for God to answer me. Day in and day out. Still waiting. And for the past few days I've witnessed God answer other's prayer almost instantaneously. As in a same day response from God. SAME DAY ANSWER people. How come other's have been so lucky? And why are my prayers being stalled?



As I drove yesterday and wondered these very thoughts--not even in a prayer form but just thinking. He heard the whisper on my heart Ask for something Carla. Ask for something specific. Ask you and shall receive.


So I asked for something that my little heart had been desiring for awhile. I asked for a bottle of Meiomi Pinot Noir wine. Yes, God told me to ask for something and I asked for a bottle of wine. (I raise my hands as if to say, I know, I know. I could have asked for a much bigger, better item. But no, I asked for a $20 bottle of wine instead. What can I say I just had a taste for it.)


It was 7am in the morning as I made this simple request. I went on to perform a full day's worth of work and didn't give it one more thought. And as I arrived home later that night, tired and slightly stressed as company was coming over, I stopped in my tracks. S-T-O-P-P-E-D. And put my hands up into my face as tears welled up and I stared. He heard me and answered me. There sitting out on the counter was a brand new bottle of Meiomi Pinot Noir. 


Unbeknownst to me, my husband had a thought to bless me with a bottle of my favorite wine. But really God in HIS COMPLETE LOVE AND ADORATION for me wanted to bless me by answering a simple, specific prayer. He gave me the exact bottle of wine I had asked for earlier that morning.


And honestly it blew my mind. 


He hears people. He hears the whispers that we say even under our breathe when we think no one is listening. He hears our thoughts that aren't even prayers. And He does answer. He even gives us those things that we think we don't deserve. He gives us the desire of our hearts, so pour out your heart before Him. Because we are at the center of His. 


Peace and Blessings in this Christmas Season!









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