Shame on me: Throwing rocks
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Wednesday, October 03, 2018
By Joy & Charley
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There are times that I just want to cuss someone out. Honestly I have had the urge lately. I mean, really. What is wrong with people?


Like the time I witnessed a mother screaming, and I mean SCREAMING at a two year old for knocking over a display. 


Or the time, a 18 year old called a bunch a twelve year olds "lazy" under the umbrella of "coaching them to be more more motivated on the volleyball court." Ya, that seems motivating.


And the other time when I was glared downed and not just glared down but challenged by another driver to bump into her car door as I slid into my car. She basically threatened me for getting in my car. It was bizarre.


Just head out into public and you will witness a bunch of craziness and more craziness. And at times I find it harder and harder to deal with it. This self-righteousness rises in me and I just want to slap someone or cuss them out or do both. Sometimes I want to be the first to throw a rock at someone's misbehaving.


And to be honest, I'm not the best at laying down that beast inside of me. I just had to intervene with the "lazy" 12 year olds, and tell their coach just what I thought about that. Possibly not in the best manner. IN fact, what I did actually shamed her.


Or the driver who raged at me for almost hitting her car door while getting in mine. IN fact, I didn't handle that well either. I engaged in a "conversation" with said person, and although she really lost her cool and I didn't, I did the same thing. I shamed her. Then waved at her in an arrogant manner. Because oh, you know. I kept my cool and she didn't and that made me better.


And I REALLY wanted to shame the mother verbally abusing her toddler, but held my tongue on that one. Then proceeded to point out the lady next to me just what I thought of such a mother.


It's not really who I want to be. I don't want to be a "shame-er." I don't want to go about life looking to make people feel like crap because they've screwed up, even if I"m right in the situation. I don't want to be the first to be a rock thrower, like I'm so perfect.


Because you know what? We all suck at this thing called life. We all struggle. We all have bad days and don't behave our best towards others. We all make mistakes. I've had lots and lots of (metaphorical) rocks also thrown at my head, and it doesn't feel good or accomplish much of anything. IN fact, it usually creates more chaos and drama.


I mistakingly think at times that I don't make mistakes. Shame on me. And yes, sometimes people need the sense slapped into them. It's just not my job to do so. 


Shame on me for thinking otherwise. That's my thoughts for today.






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