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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
By Joy & Charley
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Do you believe the enemy, and I'm talking about satan here, prowls the earth looking for any method to ruin people's lives? I do.


It's quite simple. God has an amazingly great life planned for us and satan wants to do everything in his power to mess up that plan.


And he's so tricky. He plots and manipulates. He twists the actual truth, just ever so slightly. He uses situations and other people to destroy us. Even our own family can be used for satan's plan to wreck havoc on our lives.


And he is so subtle. It's hardly ever in your face and direct. It's usually indirectly and quietly, lest we actually recognize the attack for what it is. Straight from the pit of hell.


At times it's hard to distingush the hand of the enemy because he hides and creeps. I picture a gorgeous man, someone that kinda looks like Brad Pitt in Ocean's Eleven, with a soft gaze and smiling ruggedness that melts my normally cold demeanor. He slowly breaks down my resolve by his smooth talk and flirtatous nature and I eventually scoot closer and closer to him, ultimately believing his words as truth. That is the devil---easy on the eyes, and making life seem easy. Satan always presents the easy way out. It is never hard to follow the work of the devil because he says "no you don't have to suffer, you can have what you want when you want it."


I can see why I have believed satan over God at times. It's easier and feels better.


Because God calls us to a life of suffering. And who really wants to suffer? I know I don't. I don't want to suffer any more than the next person but that is exactly what God calls us as believers to do. To die to ourself and what we want, and what we think is best for our lives. God often doesn't tell us His whole plan, but only one step at a time and it normally consists of A LOT OF WAITING. Waiting is suffering in itself. I HATE waiting. 


It all seems so opposite. Satan is easy and God is the long route that makes you climb over huge boulders. And I'm really not that of an outdoorsy person. I hear God's voice very clearly and yet at times I'm left wondering was this God? I have found when I am confused to whether or not a situation or even my own thoughts and feelings are aligning with God or a distraction from satan that remembering one very important thing helps me to know the difference.


God ALWAYS speaks TRUTH, and HIS TRUTH is ALWAYS found wrapped in compassion, second chances, and an overwhelming life-shattering love. Yes the road might be hard but peace is found right there smack in the center. No matter the scenario, love is the foundation of all things God. Satan's truth is wrapped in confusion and chaos and division. He will 100% make you believe that you are protecting yourself when really he is destroying God-given relationships.


I'm trying to get in the habit to be a little quicker to recognize which it is so I don't have weeks and months or even years of destruction. My first marriage is a good example of  me believing "Brad Pitt" and it causing cautostrphic results. One thought spiraled out of control that eventually led to my demise there. I have come to a place in my life that I ONLY WANT TO HAVE WHAT GOD WANTS ME TO HAVE. Everything else Brad Pitt can keep. I never really had a thing for blondes anyway. 


"Dear God, help me to know when I'm being deceived because when I'm living in my own truth it isn't neessarily your Truth. Help me to hear your voice say Follow this path. And most of all help me to not be afraid at taking the harder road because I KNOW that the even though it may seem harder, BIGGER and BETTER blessings are at the end of it. Amen"

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