Baby Steps and Mascara
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Tuesday, August 28, 2018
By Charley
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As a self-professed ugly duckling and former obese person, I, at times, have major issues with how I look. I think most females do, and my body issues can run pretty deep. I definitely have had body dysmorphia, where I'd look in the mirror and always see someone bigger. It does not matter what size I am, I can find lots of room for improvement. Having babies, and going through a divorce can definitely age and take a toll on you, yup the mirror doesn't lie. So here I sat...thinking for a brief's all downhill from here. I'm in my mid-30's. Things are just going to get worse! But guess what? That is so not true! I love dealing with a problem. I love staring it straight in the face, and formulating an action plan. ANNDDD...I look better at 34 then I did at 24, so take that!


This recent 36 year old, isn't just going to stand by and let nature takes it course. I have and will do tricks to help my aging-ness. THANK GOD FOR MAKEUP AND CURLING IRONS! THANK GOD FOR FALSE EYELASHES! AND THANK GOD I DONT HAVE TO BE A SIZE 2 TO BE HEALTHY! Yes there is POWER in those things, and I'm forever grateful.


So a few little tricks I do every day that have added up over time to have me looking oh so much better than I did 10 years ago?


1. Make yourself a priority daily! YOU are worth it! I AM worth it! Even if for 10 minutes, and you have to lock yourself in a closet to be alone. Do it! You need time every day to recharge, re-energize and recover. Women are so good at taking care of everyone else but ourselves, it's time you focus on yourself even for a few minutes a day.


2. Work out, and then got out of those LuLuLemon pants! I will never naturally be a size 2, and that's ok! I can still wear fashionable clothes and style my hair. I can get out of my yoga pants or even better get in some yoga pants to go do some actual yoga. Working out, not only will help for weight loss, but will give you back your sanity .I am happier when I work out. PERIOD. And I am happier when I make an effort to put on some pants that actually contain a button!

3. DRINK A BUTT LOAD OF WATER. Ladies it shows on your face instantly! It is the cheapest way to look younger. Water plumps the skin, and helps with fine lines, it moisturizes from within. Drink it up!

4. Spend some time and money on investing in the right skin care and regimen. Natural oils (serum with essential oils) and regular chemical peels with a talented esthetician have changed the way my face looks. I religiously apply under eye cream twice a day. AND I MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN.

5. This may be the most important one...put makeup on daily. Yes you heard me right, makeup. It transforms, it hides (in a good way,) and it makes most girls smile. Even the most natural girl instantly feels better with just a tiny bit of makeup. No, you don't have to not be you and apply as much as me a pro-mua, but be you, and do your thing. It truly is amazing what can be done with just a little bit of makeup. Ok, maybe you don't wear makeup, then put your best face forward. Style your hair, put a little more effort in your clothing choices. Have I mentioned to get out of the yoga pants? Dress like you're going to church but it isn't Sunday. 

The other day I had someone message me and ask how she can look better. My yourself enough to make YOU a priority. It doesn't make you vain or superficial. It doesn't mean you are selfish. I by no means am selfish because I take the time to blow dry my hair. This is your life, nothing is going to change in it if you aren't willing to make changes. If what you have been doing is no longer working for you, then change something until it does. It is never too late! NEVER ever ever ever too late to make some changes.


And change always starts with one little step. Just one baby step is all you need, and maybe a tiny bit of mascara.

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